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Taking Flight with DISC: Building Trust and Collaboration in the Workplace is a Course

Taking Flight with DISC: Building Trust and Collaboration in the Workplace

Ended Sep 20, 2022

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Full course description

“Taking Flight with DISC” is an assessment-based training. To ensure each individual's personal assessment is completed and reviewed prior to the course start date of September 13th, participants are asked to register no later than 2:00 PM EST on August 22nd

Location Live Online

Full Schedule Tuesdays, starting on 9/13/22 and ending on 9/20/22 from (6:00 PM to 8:00 PM) EST

Tuesday : September 13, 2022 (6:00 PM - 8:00 PM) EST
Tuesday : September 20, 2022 (6:00 PM - 8:00 PM) EST

Instructor Ian Briggs, PhD
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Instructor Dr. Briggs

     Dr. Ian Briggs is an entrepreneurial business leader and highly competent educator with over 20 years of successful teaching and management experience with an emphasis on leadership, operations, program and project management, sales and marketing, customer service and delivery, human resources, and employee learning and development. He has extensive global expertise in managing cross-functional teams across a broad range of industries including electronic manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, information technology, sports, non-profit, and healthcare. He has worked as a Regional Business Director (Southeast Asia) for Merck, and as a Business Manager for Microsoft with cross-cultural responsibility, directing highly successful global projects within these same organizations. As part of a protean career, for 10 years Dr. Briggs developed and managed his own business training and coaching world-class athletes for competition. More recently he has taken to educating companies and their employees with regard to leadership, effective people management, and improving organizational productivity and profitability through the efficient and sustainable use of human resources. This concept lends itself to the learning and use of Human Resource Management as a successful business methodology.

     Dr. Briggs's educational background includes an undergraduate degree in business, an MBA with a focus on international business and human resource management, and a Ph.D. in Management with an emphasis on leadership and organizational change. With this very diverse background, he is very keen to share a unique combination of academic and practical experience to prepare adult learners for their future success.

Barriers to communication continue to frustrate employees, hamper productivity, and impede business success. You and your employees can develop the necessary skills to create a culture of trust, empathy, and collaboration. Taking Flight with DISC provides you with a greater understanding of your own behaviors and those of others so you can develop the practical competencies necessary for effective communication.