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USF Muma College of Business Post-Crisis Leadership Certificate is a Course

USF Muma College of Business Post-Crisis Leadership Certificate

Ended Apr 12, 2021

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Location Self-paced Online

Full Schedule Access is available starting on February 22nd and ending on April 12th, 2021.

Leaders are currently facing the major challenge of managing through a global crisis. Moving forward, they will need to address the larger post-crisis difficulties of recovering their business footing with customers, suppliers, employees, and more. Visionary leaders know that growing their business, gaining a competitive advantage, and positioning their company for future success during such a unique challenging time requires immediate action.

The USF Muma College of Business has assembled a group of world-class faculty to develop a learning experience designed to serve the needs of professionals and executives eager to make a difference. The program positions you to capitalize on the opportunities presented in every crisis while serving your employees, suppliers, customers, and shareholders in innovative ways.

Each of the seven modules is self-contained and may build upon select pre-work, readings, and references to create an online synchronous learning experience that maximizes knowledge transfer and market readiness. Completion and receiving a passing grade from the associated testing will result in being granted the Post-Crisis Leadership Certificate, issued by the Muma College of Business. The digital version of this certification will be sent to the participant by email automatically after the modules are completed. This will also include a shareable digital badge that can be easily showcased on LinkedIn profiles.

  • Module #1: Innovation & Growth
  • Module #2: What do Customers Want? Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Management in the New Normal
  • Module #3: Enhancing Customer Value
  • Module #4: Leveraging Data
  • Module #5: Value Generation
  • Module #6: Enterprise Risk Management & Cyber Security
  • Module #7: Re-energizing Sales




  • I did not get the link to the certificate program and I am registered. What do I do?
  • How do I tell if I am registered for the Post-Crisis Leadership Certificate program?
    • You should have received a confirmation email. If you have not received a confirmation email and believe you have registered for the program please email us at
  • I can’t access the chat function
    • The chat function was available during the live offering of this certificate. If you have any questions for our presenters please email
  • What if I failed a module quiz?
    • Each quiz at the end of a module will allow unlimited attempts for you to get a perfect score. We encourage you to re-watch content you may want to review from that module before taking the quiz again.
  • When should I expect to receive my badge?
    • You will receive your badge electronically after successfully completing the entire program. From the badging platform you will be able to print a PDF certificate.
  • I did not complete all of the modules by the end of the program. Is there a way to extend my access so I can complete my missing module?
  • When do I need to complete the program by?
    • The program must be completed by April 12th, 2021.
  • I am a USF employee, can my department submit payment on my behalf?
  • Can this certificate and/or any of its modules count toward Continuing Professional Education Credits for CPAs and similar licenses? Can it count toward a degree program or Continuing Education program?
    • If you have questions regarding credit hours for your specific profession we encourage you to reach out to your state licensing board or appropriate contact. This program does not currently qualify for Continuing Education credits. Modules do not count toward any degree-seeking program at USF.
  • Is the Post-Crisis Leadership applicable to a degree?
    • No. As a non-credit training program, it will not apply toward any degree programs.
  • How can my employer verify that I earned the certificate?
    • Once the digital badge is earned and claimed, employers will be able to click on the digital credential to verify the certification including information on the topics that were covered in the program.
  • Do I have to have an undergraduate degree in business to register?
    • No. While the program is targeted toward those in business, a business education background is not required. Many concepts will, of course, require an understanding of essential business practices.
  • Will there be homework or pre-reading? Will I need to access or buy any textbooks?
    • No, though some presenters may provide reading materials for a particular module.
  • How will I know if I have earned the certificate? Will there be a final exam or similar testing?
    • There will be a multiple choice quiz after each module. You must score a 70% or higher on each quiz to move onto the next module. The quiz will have unlimited attempts. There is no final exam. After you complete the module 7 quiz your certificate will automatically be processed to your email.