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Cyber Hygiene for K-12 Teachers is a Course

Cyber Hygiene for K-12 Teachers

Time limit: 30 days

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Location Online

In K-12 education, new technologies and applications have helped to enhance and change the landscape of learning for students all over the world. With these new technologies and powerful education tools, educators now have the added responsibility to ensure their students are equipped to safely learn in these new and ever-changing environments. Teachers must not only teach their students about the affordances and risks of this digital transformation, but they must also understand how to protect themselves, their data, and their students’ data. This course has been designed to help teachers better understand cybersecurity concepts that impact the landscape of education. By enrolling in this course, you will:

  1. Better understand how to keep yourself and your students safe online.
  2. Learn to create stronger passwords to secure your information.
  3. Be able to identify and protect yourself from social engineering tactics.
  4. Become proficient in identifying and avoiding malware.
  5. Be able to implement cyber hygiene in your teaching immediately.

This course was designed with teachers in mind and purposefully connects cyber hygiene with K-12 education — helping teachers protect themselves and their students. Each of the five modules contain interactive content, videos, and quizzes to ensure participants complete the course with a firm understanding of the concepts being taught. While the content itself can be completed within a 3 to 5 hour timeframe, participants are given a period of 30 days so they are able to complete the content on their own terms. Upon completion, a digital badge is awarded to enhance resumes and showcase on professional social media profiles.