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Cybersecurity Awareness Certificate for Florida State and Local Government Employees is a Course

Cybersecurity Awareness Certificate for Florida State and Local Government Employees


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This course is designed to equip state and local government employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect their workplaces as well as themselves against cyber-attacks. Through interactive modules and engaging content, this course educates participants on a wide range of topics such as phishing, known email scams, password security, scareware, ransomware, different types of viruses and malwares, social engineering, and best practices in online security. The course empowers state and local government employees to prevent cyber threats and serve as the first line of defense.

Target Audience

This course is specifically designed for state and local government employees who use computers on a regular basis to perform their organizational tasks. It is suitable for participants of all backgrounds, working in various departments and agencies in technical or non-technical roles, and performing various non-managerial or managerial tasks. No prior technical knowledge or skills are required to successfully complete the course.


This is an online and self-paced course, allowing participants to learn at their own convenience. The course consists of four modules, which can be completed in multiple sittings, accommodating participants' busy schedules. On average, participants are expected to complete the entire course in approximately four hours.


Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive an authenticated certificate as a digital badge issued by University of South Florida (USF) demonstrating their proficiency in cybersecurity awareness. This certificate can be showcased on professional profiles, such as LinkedIn, and serves as a tangible proof of their commitment to protecting state cyberinfrastructure.